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The FCC has declined to preserve a vacant channel in the television bands for use by white space devices and wireless microphones.

FCC Can’t Find Spectrum For Wireless Microphones And Other Devices May 19th 2022 - 10:40 AM

Despite significant lobbying efforts on the part of wireless microphone manufacturers and others to establish secure RF spectrum in which to operate, the FCC has issued a new order declining the industry’s request to preserve a vacant channel in the television bands for use by white space devices and wireless microphones.

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The XS Wireless IEM is a complete starter set for musicians who want to professionalize their performances by switching to wireless IEMs.

Sennheiser Launches XS Wireless IEM In-ear Monitoring System May 10th 2022 - 11:00 AM

Sennheiser, manufacturer of the acclaimed Evolution Wireless IEM systems, has launched the XS Wireless IEM for musicians seeking to professionalize their shows by switching from floor wedges to wireless IEMs.

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Creative Audio - Always The Bridesmaid, Is Binaural Audio Making A Comeback May 3rd 2022 - 09:00 AM

The world’s first immersive audio format is getting a new generation of consumers hooked via gaming, VR and ASMR, while both production and consumer technology is making it easier to record and easier to access.

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NAB Show exhibits always impress visitors, starting in the LVCC lobby. Photo courtesy NAB.

2022 NAB Show Review, Part 2 May 2nd 2022 - 09:00 AM

With fewer exhibits and smaller crowds, the 2022 NAB Show aisles were easier to navigate and exhibitors had more time to speak with visitors.

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NAB exhibits opened at 10 a.m. on Sunday. It wasn’t the usual heathy 100,000+ crowd, but it was an excited and healthy 52,000. Courtesy NAB.

2022 NAB Show Review, Part 1 April 29th 2022 - 12:30 PM

Many annual NAB Shows have become milestones in TV broadcasting history. The presence of the 2022 NAB Show marked the first Las Vegas NAB Show since 2019.

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Sony laid out its plan for helping customers navigate today’s rapidly changing production landscape.

Sony Wants To Drive The Future Of Media Production And Delivery April 29th 2022 - 10:30 AM

Sony Electronics used its first in-person NAB press conference in two years to outline the many areas of production and content delivery where the company is placing much of its emphasis on product development.

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DPA’s latest headset and shotgun mics offer superior intelligibility in a compact size.

DPA Showcase Next-Gen Broadcast Mics At The 2022 NAB Show April 15th 2022 - 10:00 AM

DPA Microphones will highlight its latest microphone solutions, designed to meet the growing live production needs of the broadcast and AV markets, at the 2022 NAB Show.

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Sony Announce New UWP-D Wireless Mic Series April 13th 2022 - 09:30 AM

Sony Electronics has launched a new URX-P41D two-channel portable receiver, supporting MI (Multi Interface) shoe with Digital Audio Interface.

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