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Sennheiser AVX Wireless Systems

Lithium-Ion Batteries Find New Home in Wireless Microphones January 18th 2017 - 01:50 PM

For as long as most of us can remember, alkaline batteries have been the battery of choice in wireless microphones. Good practice was to start each production with a fresh set of batteries to prevent wireless failure. However, the price and environmental costs grew too high and now lithium-ion batteries have become more popular in modern wireless mics.

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Litepanels and Anton/Bauer Release Battery Runtime Chart January 17th 2017 - 01:00 PM

Litepanels, a maker of LED lights, and Anton/Bauer, a manufacturer of battery systems, have partnered to release a runtime chart that allows users of Litepanels products to determine how long their lights will operate when paired with Anton/Bauer batteries.

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DP Donald R. Monroe carried the VariCam LT through the rugged terrain of Virginia’s State parks.

Panasonic Varicam LT Captures The Harsh Conditions of “Maine” December 29th 2016 - 01:00 PM

The upcoming feature film “Maine,” which details the journey of a married woman from Spain to reclaim her identity while hiking solo through the Appalachian Trail, was shot with a Panasonic VariCam LT 4K cinema camcorder

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Batteries, the Bane of Every Video Crew, Get Ready for a Reboot December 1st 2016 - 10:00 AM

A major new development in battery technology promises to store more energy and allow thousands more recharges than with today’s cells.

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Core SWX to Debut Fleet D Battery Charger at NAB, New York November 7th 2016 - 10:00 AM

At NAB New York, Core SWX will introduce the new Fleet D Battery Charger, a two-position charger designed for ENG and mobile video production.

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Core SWX Hypercore Batteries Used for European Cycling Documentary October 21st 2016 - 01:00 PM

When Gerrit Piechowski and his Berlin-based Modest Department made a documentary on the European cycling event, Rad Race Tour De’Italia, he used Core SWX Hypercore batteries for the nearly 1,000 mile race.

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