Bruce’s Shorts | 4.23 - How Many Standards Does It Take To View A Movie?

How many SMPTE standards does it actually take to make, post-produce, distribute, broadcast and stream a movie? In this Bruce’s Short, Bruce Devlin takes a wry look at the sheer number of standards that are needed to get from the camera to the viewer.

Bruce Devlin, "Mr MXF", knows about standards, no doubt a strong factor in his election as SMPTE Standard vice-president for the 2018-2019 term.

Just about every process from shooting on film or video throught to delivery is covered by SMPTE standards. From physical attributes like sprocket hole and film reel sizes, through to metadata there are standards. 

In this lightning run through from camera to receiver Bruce flags up many of the areas that have standards. Bruce calculates you need to use around 150 standards to get from the camera to the television receiver, no wonder the standards community is busy! 

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