TVU Networks Redefines Broadcasting At NAB 2024

TVU Networks will have their full cloud ecosystem on display at NAB Las Vegas, including the much anticipated TVU MediaHub. Unveiled just a month ago, TVU MediaHub has rapidly become a game-changer in video routing, marking the company’s most dynamic launch in 20 years with its swift adoption and innovative impact in live media workflows.

This platform reduces the clutter of physical equipment and simplifies the process of connecting and distributing content. With limitless inputs and outputs, it ensures seamless content flow across SDI, various IP formats and destinations. It excels in scaling production for both everyday programming and global events, managing new cloud and on-premise resources from just $35 per month.

One of the most compelling features of TVU MediaHub is its ability to turn complex routing operations into a simple, intuitive process. With real-time previews and straightforward drag-and-drop functionality, automation manages encoding, scaling, and decoding in real-time. This enables broadcasters to focus on delivering high-quality content, while the interface’s ease of use allows operators to manage inputs/outputs with minimal training.

This year will be one filled with significant global elections and sporting events. TVU Networks is excited to unveil upgrades across its entire ecosystem, starting with TVU Search.

Powered by advanced AI, TVU Search streamlines ingesting, clipping, and distribution leveraging real-time metadata for a wide range of applications. Highlights include automating advertising reports for ‘in-game brand mentions’ and instant clipping and transcription for swift news production. With TVU Search already enhancing broadcasts workflows for five years, NAB 2024 will see the launch of new AI-driven features, equipping broadcasters with even more robust tools for covering this year’s elections and Summer Games.

As we gear up for the Games, TVU Producer is in the spotlight, showcasing significant advancements since its pivotal role in the live production of the 2024 Games 1-year Countdown for France Télévisions. TVU Networks is excited to reveal a groundbreaking live workflow at TVU MediaLab demo-pod, a culmination of collaborative efforts with France Télévisions. This innovation, set to enhance content around the Games, exemplifies TVU Networks’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of live broadcast technology.

But NAB is not just about showcasing; it’s about dynamic, real-world interaction. Drawing inspiration from our successful collaboration on the fan engagement app with the New York Islanders, TVU Networks is dedicated to elevating attendee engagement to new heights. Prepare for immersive demos within the TVU Live Sports Ecosystem that empower you to become both the player and the producer, controlling the action and crafting the narrative in real-time. These hands-on experiences with state-of-the-art tools will transform users understanding of their impact in live sports production settings, casting them as stars of their own broadcast.

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