Magewell’s Production And IP Conversion Solutions Connect With Central Control

The newest version of Central Control’s show control application now offers integrated support for two of Magewell’s highly-acclaimed production and IP workflow solutions. Central Control 4 includes new modules for controlling Magewell’s Director Mini all-in-one production and streaming system and Pro Convert multi-protocol streaming and video-over-IP decoders.

Central Control 4 is a live show control and automation application that bridges a wide variety of production devices – including video mixers, graphics systems, lighting consoles, PTZ cameras, media servers and more – with over 50 control surfaces and protocols such as X-Keys, Elgato Stream Deck and MIDI controllers.

The new Director Mini module for Central Control 4 provides control of scene switching, graphics triggering and audio (including VU meters and “scribble strips” when using a Behringer X-Touch control surface). Meanwhile, the new module for Pro Convert decoders allows easy selection of source video streams.

Magewell’s Director Mini is a complete, portable production and streaming system that combines multi-input switching, graphics, streaming, recording and monitoring in one compact device. Director Mini lets users easily produce engaging multi-camera content through an intuitive touchscreen interface and companion mobile app.

Pro Convert decoders transform live, IP media streams into high-quality HDMI or SDI outputs for connection to monitors, projectors and production gear. The devices decode H.264 or H.265 compressed video in many streaming protocols – including SRT, RTMP, RTSP, HLS and more – as well as High-Bandwidth NDI, NDI HX2 and NDI HX3. 

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