Crystal Vision Shows IP/SDI Chroma Keyer

At NAB, Crystal Vision will be showing video processing software apps for its MARBLE media processor hardware, all of which can work with IP, with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time.

The functionality offered by these apps – which support ST 2022, ST 2110 video and 31 different SDI standards including 1080p – includes chroma keying, linear keying, video delay, profanity delay, color correction, legalizing, picture-in-picture and fail-safe switching.

This support for multiple signal formats gives the easiest possible SDI to IP upgrade, while also making the apps perfect for mixed SDI and IP installations as well as fully IP or fully SDI environments. Crystal Vision will also be discussing how the software-based MARBLE platform makes it easy to create custom products to solve problems using SDI or IP video.

Making its global debut at the show will be the M-SAFIRE real-time chroma keyer software app – an IP chroma keyer. The MARBLE media processor’s GPU processor allows the M-SAFIRE to generate a noise-free key which is fundamental in creating a believable virtual reality, while the numerous tools to optimize the picture include advanced clip processing, color correction, edge shrink, color spill processing, lighting compensation and shadow processing.

Profanity delays are another of Crystal Vision’s most popular products so look for the M-CLEANIT IP/SDI profanity delay software app. Visitors can see how many cleaning options are available to prevent the broadcast of unwanted or offensive video or audio material.

The M-COCO-2 IP/SDI color corrector software app is for those needing to adjust the colors on in-shot monitors while saving money by being dual channel. In addition to its RGB gain, RGB lift, YUV gain, YUV lift, Video gain, Chroma gain, Chroma hue and RGB Gamma adjustments, the M-COCO-2’s Black Stretch and Highlights Stretch tools are particularly useful for correcting the contrast on brightly lit on-set monitors where the studio lighting has been set to suit the people in shot. 

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