PHABRIX Announces Updates To Qx Series Rasterizers

Software release V4.3 adds support for a host of new SDI and IP standards, plus advanced ST 2110 IP Signal Generation

The release adds a multitude of new extended formats including RGB SDI and ST 2110 IP standards support and­­ a unique and comprehensive 2110 IP Generation Toolset.

New SDI video signal support includes:

3G video payloads – YCbCr/RGB 444 10/12-bit

  • Dual link 1.5G HD/2K low frame rates
  • 3G Level-B-DL HD/2K low frame rates

6G video payloads – YCbCr 422 10-bit

  • Quad link HD-SQ UHD/4K low frame rate
  • Dual 3G-B-DL UHD/4K low frame rate

12G video payloads – YCbCr/RGB 444 10/12-bit

  • Quad link 3G-B 2SI UHD/4K low frame rate
  • Quad link 3G-B SQ UHD/4K low frame rate

ST 2110 video signal support now includes:

  • 1280x720 YCbCr/RGB 422/444 10-bit low/medium frame rates
  • 1920x1080 YCbCr/RGB 422/444 10/12-bit low/medium frame rates
  • 2048x1080 YCbCr/RGB 422/444 10/12-bit low/medium frame rates
  • 3840x2160 YCbCr/RGB 422/444 10/12-bit low/medium frame rates
  • 4096x2160 YCbCr/RGB 422/444 10/12-bit low/medium frame rates

Also included in the release, and available on the PHABRIX QxL rasterizer, is a unique IP Signal Generation toolset. New features include ST 2110-40 ANC Generation with Timecode and auto video format detection with configurable Auto/SDP/Override feature.

ST 2110 IP signal generation toolset now includes:

  • Simultaneous generation of 2110 video/audio flows for both test signals and user interface (GUI)
  • 2110-20: Support for wide range of HD/2K, UHD/4K, YCbCr/RGB, 422/444, 10/12-bit signals
  • 2110-30/31: Four 80-Channel PCM/AES audio flow generators, 125µs or 1ms Audio packet time
  • 2110-40: ANC flow generation linked to new timecode generator with control of ATC and Keep Alive packets
  • 2110 Timecode Generator (ATC_LTC, ATC_VITC, PTP Locked)
  • 2022-7 seamless protection support for all 2110 flows generated or analysed
  • Independent flow timing controls for both the Test Signal Generator and GUI video flows

Other features of this release include:

  • 2110 Auto Video Format detection with new ‘Auto/SDP/Manual’ configuration tool
  • New SDI BER (Bit Error) insertion tool to help with stress testing SDI based systems (SDI-STRESS)
  • Combined SDI/SDI-STRESS boot mode
  • Support for 12G SDI optical and coaxial 12G SFPs

The Qx Series is available in two platforms, the Qx and QxL, both with a common look and feel, providing an accessible user interface and intuitive toolsets for full operational flexibility and easy migration from an SDI to an IP centric operation. The flexible architecture of both the Qx and QxL offers in-field license upgrades for SDI-UHD/4K, HDR as well as engineering grade data view and ANC packet inspection tools. A factory fitted hardware option provides RTE real time SDI eye and jitter analysis with the further option of a highly advanced SDI-STRESS toolset. The Series’ comprehensive feature set supports HD/3G/6G/12G-SDI, 10G/25G IP interfaces, and HD/UHD, IP SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2110-10/20/30/31/40 with ST 2022-7 and AMWA NMOS.

Phillip Adams, PHABRIX CEO, comments, “This new software is the first in an intense six-month release roadmap. With a new powerful ST 2110 IP generation toolset, and huge quantity of new SDI and IP standards supported, the Qx Series offers our customers a future-proof technology investment to stay ahead of the rapidly changing IP environment."

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