Telestream Introduces Telestream DIVA

This is the latest iteration of the DIVA software suite for digital asset management and includes a simplified REST API and full integration of DIVA Command into DIVA Core.

There are also more flexible options for cloud uploads and storage management, and extended migration services and restore capabilities.

“With an array of recent enhancements, Telestream DIVA is a valuable new member of our technology portfolio,” said Geoff Tognetti, SVP at Telestream. “The software suite’s robust feature set and proven performance give our customers reliable, flexible asset management across on-premise and cloud, in support of all variety of modern media processing applications. The ability to have assets in a hybrid environment allows customers to use the most cost-effective storage for their assets; and features like Partial File Restore and Storage Plan Manager provide the means to efficiently move those assets when needed.”

Telestream DIVA Core’s new simplified REST API provides core control, monitoring, configuration, and analytics endpoints. The API dialect is modeled after S3 and uses standard commands such as get, put, list, copy, delete, move, etc. for easier integration work. Now with access to more than 50 configuration endpoints, users have the headroom to configure every resource in Telestream DIVA. Twenty core control endpoints support numerous new control requests to further streamline content and storage management.

Monitoring options are likewise extended in Telestream DIVA, which supports more than 40 resource and request endpoints for monitoring services. The software features analytics endpoints for reporting on nearly 50 unique events generated by the Telestream DIVA analytics engine. The REST API now also includes support for license import and export. 

"Because DIVA Command is now fully integrated into Telestream DIVA Core and hosted on the Telestream DIVA Core REST API Gateway, users enjoy simpler installation and configuration," add Telestream.

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