TeamCast is a leading provider of digital modulation technologies and a very active member of the Digital TV ecosystem worldwide. Thanks to its deep involvement in several standardization bodies, including the DVB, ATSC and FoBTV organisations, TeamCast contribute to the advent of digital broadcasting technologies worldwide. Its activities are covering various business sectors:

  • TeamCast is a recognized manufacturer of OEM modules dedicated to equipment manufacturers of Terrestrial DTV system. Its modules portfolio is made of modulator and professional demodulator covering the Digital TV & radio standards worldwide (DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-T2 Lite, ISDB-Tb, ASTC, DTMB, DAB, DVB-SH,CMMB...).
  • TeamCast addresses the growing needs of satellite communications with end-user and OEM devices featuring DVB-S, DVB-DSNG, DVB-S2 and upcoming extensions. In this field, TeamCast delivers innovative and fully-featured modulators & demodulators suitable for Contribution, Distribution and Direct-to-home satellite services operators.
  • TeamCast has turned its expertise in broadcasting technologies to fulfil the requirements of wireless video and data transmission in mobile conditions. Thanks to a range of flexible and reliable modulator and diversity demodulators, TeamCast provides cutting-edge solutions to equipment manufacturers and system integrators of live video transmission (Electronic News Gathering, Broadcast Wireless camera...) and critical data transmission (security video links, Line-of-sight and Beyond Line-of-sight defense communication...)

With headquarters and R&D established in Rennes, France, TeamCast opened offices in Elmira (New York) and in Singapore to support the development of its business in North America and Asia, with local sales and technical support. Customers of the Broadcasting Industry from more than 50 different countries today invest their confidence in TeamCast's technology, products and solutions.