Volicon’s Observer® video monitoring and logging product line — and, in particular, the company’s new Observer Media Intelligence Platform™ — is unique in providing a stream of the broadcast output (live or recorded) along with frame-accurate metadata describing that content to users on any Internet-connected device at any time. This powerful combination makes it easy for users across the broadcast facility or enterprise to leverage video, audio, and data in critical applications that support more efficient and more competitive production and delivery of high-quality content across multiple platforms.

These capabilities are essential, given broadcasters’ need to manage rapidly rising numbers of channels and outlets, an explosion in regulatory requirements, and an increasing amount of data. Volicon’s Observer systems simplify handling of all these challenges, providing real-time access to the broadcast product and related metadata for use in tasks ranging from compliance to high-speed repurposing for multiplatform distribution.

Serving as a window on content delivered via satellite, cable, or over-the-air signal, as well as Internet-based over-the-top (OTT) services, the Observer Media Intelligence Platform offers portals tailored to the many different departments at broadcasting facilities. Far more than a logger or monitoring solution, it provides functionality appropriate not only for engineering and operations, but also for production and promotions, new media, news, sales and traffic, media relations, and executive and legal departments. The platform supports applications including compliance logging, content archiving, content repurposing for new media outlets, competitive analysis, producer and talent evaluation, ad verification and media sales, and executive review of content.

Within the Media Intelligence Platform, the Observer technology already used by many broadcasters to record and review aired content in applications such as compliance and ad verification has been adapted and focused to help speed and streamline multiplatform content creation and delivery. The content-recording capabilities and highly refined user interface of Volicon’s advanced video monitoring and logging systems has been tailored and enhanced to make this workflow very simple and very easy — and very cost-effective.