A leader in video monetization, Ooyala offers a comprehensive suite of video workflow, publishing, analytics and advertising products to help engage audiences and earn more with personalized OTT experiences.

Ooyala provides everything customers need to connect with viewers on all screens: to package, manage, publish, syndicate, measure, personalize and monetize video.

Ooyala’s open platform integrates smoothly with existing systems and allows partners to add components easily, enabling rapid development and deployment of sophisticated media workflows. In particular, its media logistics platform, Ooyala Flex, helps content holders to package and prepare all content - from video to advertising - for both on-air and online delivery. It streamlines production workflow through automation and provides more visibility across disparate teams and tools throughout the entire production process.

Ooyala's holistic ad platform, Ooyala Pulse, combines ad serving and campaign management with programmatic trading capabilities. Clients can sell inventory directly or programmatically all from the same platform, that means more control and visibility across entire inventories to drive higher CPMs and greater yield. With data-driven insights and forecasting abilities, ad ops teams can make smarter and more lucrative ad decisions across every sales channel, every time.

Its video player automates and integrates viewer engagement data to customize the content, layout and advertising presented to each viewer, thus delivering a truly personalized and optimally monetized video experience. Ooyala’s personalization techniques are proven in the market to drive increased user engagement and revenue.

Its award-winning analytics product, Ooyala IQ, provides multi-dimensional analysis of video consumption metrics in a sleek, easy-to-use interface that works seamlessly across desktops and mobile devices. Our clients get always-on access to the data that matters most to their business.