ADAM Software

Belgian developer ADAM Software has built up an impressive list of clients and business partners in its nearly ten years of full operation. Based in Ghent, the company specialises in digital asset management (DAM) for the broadcast, general media and business sectors, working on the development of systems in partnership with companies such as mediatvcom, Adobe and Microsoft. Customers include digital brand management specialist Digital Xpress and games group Eidos.

ADAM Software grew out of Alfaprint, a layout and pre-press firm founded in 1985 by graphical engineer Dirk Noppe. He began to move into DAM in 2000 and a year later produced the first version of what became the ADAM system. In 2005 Noppe teamed up with Pieter Casneuf, a business development professional with a background in chemistry and biotechnology, to distribute the software program on an international basis.

Products are based on what ADAM Software sees as the next generation of DAM, the area of marketing/media execution platforms (MEP). They feature a flexible API (application program interface) that can be adapted to suit a range of applications. ADAM 5 is an enterprise platform designed for collaborative working that involves a range of data file types, including video, audio, images and text. The system is designed to create a familiar and straightforward workflow that connects the DAM tools with the user's preferred software or workstation. ADAM also offers Expert Services to help clients manage their DAM needs. These are delivered by the ADAM Knowledge Centre Management team, which includes developers, product managers, business analysts and consults, both in-house and third party.