Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark

For over 45 years Hitachi-Comark has been a trusted partner to TV broadcasters. The company began building RF components and went on to design and manufacture analog UHF TV transmitters. Comark has become an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of DTV transmitters, encoding systems, and associated field services for ATSC/DVB/ISDB-T.

Hitachi-Comark offers the PARALLAX™ high efficiency solid state UHF/VHF DTV transmitter that integrates the best of emerging technologies into a product that exceeds the needs of US broadcasters. PARALLAX is the transmitter that is “designed for repack” providing broadband Doherty performance and a future proof design. PARALLAX provides the highest reliability and efficiency, while keeping the overall cost of ownership extremely low.

In addition to solid state, Hitachi-Comark offers the market leading DCX Paragon high-power tube-based transmitters for UHF installations. The DCX Paragon features the Multi-Stage Depressed Collector (MSDC) IOT high-efficiency HPA.

Hitachi-Comark offers a complete line of Low Power (250W-2.0kW) solid state transmitters. Various transmitter configurations are available depending on the requirements (VHF / UHF, air / liquid cooled, Class AB / Doherty).

Finally Hitachi-Comark offers the necessary sub-system support products including RF mask filters, RF couplers, cooling systems, equipment racks, MPEG Encoding and Transport Stream Management, and DTV Exciter Retrofits.