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The Summit was covered live from the forum news center by many news organizations between eight central media sites.

Barnfind Controls Transmsission During Historic China Summits July 8th 2019 - 09:00 AM

Barnfind participated in the construction of the signal transmission network and was also responsible for the transmission of all signals between all sites.

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CalDigit Introduces Connect 10G  June 26th 2019 - 11:00 AM

CalDigit has announced Connect 10G, a 10Gb Ethernet to Thunderbolt 3 adapter for Macintosh and PC computers.

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Middle Atlantic Introduces Forward Installation Products June 25th 2019 - 10:00 AM

Middle Atlantic has introduced Forward, a new installation system designed around a rackrail and universal mounting pattern that allows blank and vent panels, cable management, lighting and other options to be quickly installed without tools.

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Middle Atlantic Launches Premium+ PDU with RackLink Power Distribution June 20th 2019 - 09:00 AM

Middle Atlantic has announced the release of the Premium+ PDU with RackLink, a next- generation power distribution and management system that leverages Raritan’s XERUS platform. 

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Nemal Introduces Stadium-4 Plenum SMPTE 311 Four-Channel HD Camera Cable System June 17th 2019 - 10:00 AM

Nemal Electronics has debuted the Stadium-4 Plenum System for stadiums and other multi-camera venues. It provides substantial savings in cost, weight, space and installation labor when compared to standard SMPTE camera cables. 

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Laird Introduces 12G-SDI 4KUHD BNC Assemblies with Canare Cable
 June 14th 2019 - 10:00 AM

Laird Digital Cinema has introduced three 12G-SDI BNC cable assemblies built with Canare cables. 

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