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Essential Guide:  Video Over IP - Making It Work August 16th 2018 - 11:00 AM

Low latency networks and non-blocking switches are terms now appearing in mainstream broadcasting. But what do they mean? Why are they relevant? And how do we make Video over IP work?

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Broadcast For IT - Part 18 - Quality Control August 14th 2018 - 08:00 AM

Quality Control is one of the many areas where IT and broadcast use similar terms, but the meaning is quite different. Whereas IT focuses on guaranteeing bit rates and packet delivery to improve quality of service and hence quality of experience, video and audio quality is based on satisfying the demands of the human visual and auditory systems. In this article, we investigate how we quantify and measure video and audio streams.

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Deploying the Lawo mc²36 console for the Ravenna Festival helped simplify the sound setup over that of previous years.

Lawo And d&b audiotechnik Provide Sound Support For Italy’s Ravenna Festival August 7th 2018 - 12:05 PM

Italy’s annual Ravenna Festival attracts classical music lovers from around the world. As in years past, festival producers chose Soundscape immersive live audio technology from d&b audiotechnik paired with mixing systems from Lawo.

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The Type R console features a 2U core with integrated I/O resources. A single core can power up to three independent mixing environments.

Calrec Audio’s Type R Console Gets European Debut at IBC August 6th 2018 - 11:00 AM

The Calrec Audio IP-based console will make its European debut at IBC 2018. The modular and expandable system uses standard networking technology and combines it with configurable soft panels that can be tailored to operator needs. The compact consoles’ physical control system consists of three slim line panels: a fader panel, a large soft panel and a small soft panel. Each is compatible with COTS hardware and powered over Ethernet to keep cabling to a minimum.

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Articles You May Have Missed – July 11, 2018 July 11th 2018 - 08:30 AM

Anyone who has been in broadcast or the video business for at least ten years has seen many changes. Whether you started with 2-inch tape VTRs, DigiBeta or servers, working with audio and video technology changes represent both a sprint and marathon.

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Video Over IP - Making It Work - Part 1 July 6th 2018 - 11:00 AM

For the first time in the history of live television we can now abstract away the video, audio, and metadata streams from the underlying hardware. This innovation presents unprecedented opportunities empowering broadcasters to deliver flexibility, scalability, and highly efficient workflows.

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