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The RLC64 is ideal for new or retro-fit IP-based OB vehicles and flypacks in critical and live production broadcast environments.

Nixer Pro Audio Launches Compact AoIP Confidence Monitor And Mixing Unit June 6th 2023 - 11:00 AM

Nixer Pro Audio has expanded its range of AoIP (Audio-over-IP) monitors to assist broadcasters on their IP journeys, introducing a compact version of its popular RL64 AoIP monitoring and mixing engine.

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Understanding IP Broadcast Production Networks: Part 3 - Resilience June 6th 2023 - 09:00 AM

How distance vector routing simplifies networks and improves resilience.

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IP Monitoring & Diagnostics With Command Line Tools: Part 9 - Continuous Monitoring June 1st 2023 - 09:30 AM

Scheduling a continuous monitoring process will detect problems at the earliest opportunity. If the diagnostic tools run often enough, they can forecast a server outage before a mission critical failure happens. Pre-emptive diagnosis and automatic corrections are a very good thing.

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One of two new Visual radio studios at RTÉ’ in Dublin Ireland. Both were designed for comfort and operational flexibility.

System Showcase: Ireland’s RTÉ Adds Video To Its Radio Studios To Increase Content Value May 31st 2023 - 09:30 AM

RTE’s move to new studios prompted a project to add more sophisticated video capabilities to its new radio studios, reflecting a global trend towards the consumption of radio online.

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Understanding IP Broadcast Production Networks: Part 1 - Basic Principles Of IP May 23rd 2023 - 09:00 AM

This is the first of a series of 14 articles that re-visit the basic building blocks of knowledge required to understand how IP networks actually work in the context of broadcast production systems.

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Riedel MediorNet FusioN 6B Edge Devices

Riedel Delivers IP Solutions For High-Profile Quince Imaging Esports Event May 1st 2023 - 11:00 AM

Quince Imaging, provider of high-resolution holographic displays and visually stunning esports events, has deployed multiple MediorNet FusioN 6B edge devices and a VirtU 48-S IP core infrastructure platform for one of its latest high-profile esports projects.

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Riedel Expands Its Replay Solutions Range With RiMotion R84 April 27th 2023 - 11:00 AM

Riedel’s family of software-based products for multicamera production, integrated into its portfolio after the acquisition of Simplylive, consists of the Simplylive Production Suite, the RiMotion and RiCapture replay and ingest solutions, as well as Venue Gateways and Web Multiviewers.

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Two identical 12 meter long semi-trailers are serving as an IP testbed for RTBF’s future studio-based productions.

System Showcase: Belgium’s RTBF Makes First Foray Into IP Production With OB Vans April 27th 2023 - 09:30 AM

In the Spring of 2019, Jean Vanbraekel, Head of Operations and Distribution for RTBF, was tasked with helping to move the French-speaking public broadcaster into the IP age and he was nervous. Not because he thought it couldn’t be done, but because the required production equipment was not fully tested (or didn’t exist at all). Most devices, like production switchers and replay servers, were available only in SDI at that time.

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