Applied Technology: Simplifying Equipment Inventory Management

CHEQROOM is an SaaS cloud-based solution for AV inventory management. The solution lets you manage and track valuable equipment from any device or location via the Internet, enabling sophisticated inventory control.

Old-fashioned solutions do not work

Many companies still rely on traditional tools to manage their valuable equipment. Solutions often use pen and paper systems or the classic spreadsheet, all of which can be time-consuming, expensive and prone to inaccuracy. As an AV equipment manager, you need to be in better control of your inventory.

When questions arise; “Who has what equipment? Where is it presently located and when is it due back?”, reliable answers are needed. Spreadsheets were not designed to manage the complexities of tracking inventory. For these reasons many companies can benefit by moving their inventory management systems to the cloud. If you haven’t yet made the transition, let’s consider the benefits.

The CHEQROOM solution works equally well on Android and iOS platforms.

The CHEQROOM solution works equally well on Android and iOS platforms.

A cloud-based solution

Facilities need an easy-to-use software solution that lets them register, categorize, monitor and track their valuable equipment. With easy access to the cloud, why not use it for inventory?

A tool like CHEQROOM can help a company function more efficiently. With around-the-clock access from anywhere and any device, you can check equipment status, reservations, documents, all in real-time. The check-in/check-out process only takes seconds, and all the gear can be checked-in and out while you’re on the go.

The inventory software system will make reservations and help to better estimate future capacity needs. More importantly, the app allows you to schedule maintenance and repairs for higher asset reliability. Simply put, this cloud-based inventory management solution may even increase the lifespan of your audiovisual materials.

Five benefits from a cloud solution

  1. A flexible cloud solution like CHEQROOM speeds the process of managing equipment. It enables fast and accurate decisions through work efficiency and more transparency.
  2. The SaaS (Software-as-a-Solution) app offers a trustworthy cloud environment, allowing you to safely store information about the equipment and access business files. File sizes and security issues are a thing of the past.
  3. Bookings are easily added to your calendar apps, which means your equipment planning is always in your pocket. Administrators even get notifications when equipment is due for return.
  4. The intuitive solution supports the ability to combine multiple items into one order through the “kits” feature. As an administrator, you can group items together based on their usability. For example, a compiled kit of AV assets could include a camera, multiple lenses, tripods and shields.
  5. Additionally, the “Equipment Management” tool offers a wide array of high-quality vinyl QR-code stickers and labels. The inventory management system is compatible with your own stickers and barcodes as well. Simply attach the QR code label on the inventory items you would like to track, and you’re good to go. 
Equipment is easily tracked by QR codes with an app available on most phones.

Equipment is easily tracked by QR codes with an app available on most phones.

Startup is easy

The user first downloads the app. Then all the equipment is inventoried and entered into the system. Now you are ready to manage the gear.

There are five key benefits to this cloud solution.

First, the inventory system is always accessible. Because it is cloud-based, users have 24/7 access to information about equipment status, reservations and documents. And, this information is available on any device with an Internet connection.

Second, all asset information is retained in one place. This helps keep the information accurate and up-to-date.

Third, the application is fast and easy to use. The tool provides a quick entry system for checking, monitoring and logging in and out your valuable assets.

Fourth, you can save time. Your team will save time, frustration and money by always knowing the real-time availability of your equipment.

Finally, the program supports your equipment management workflows, all with a wide-range of features and benefits. The system even enables users to tailor the operation based on a facility’s needs. 

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