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Fixed Asset Management Cloud Solution for Audiovisual gear.

CHEQROOM is a trustworthy and flexible cloud tool that lets you register, monitor and track your valuable assets in the cloud. The inventory management app works completely digital, enabling you to manage all your valuable assets online. That’s right, no more running your business on Excel spreadsheets!


As an equipment manager, you need to be in control of your inventory. Who has what assets? Where are they presently located? And more importantly: when are they due back? Yes, staying on top of your equipment is definitely a challenge. Especially when you’re about to make a new reservation. And you can’t even be sure the equipment will actually be available.

How does it work?

All you need to do, is register your items in the online or mobile CHEQROOM application, and that’s it. Complete your inventory by uploading all kinds of important attachments, and manage your equipment anywhere you go. Make sure you sign up today for 24/7 access to relevant data about the status of your assets and important reservations. Always stay one step ahead!