Innovative Ka/Ku-Band Dual Feed Antenna Passes Initial Tests

Frontline uses innovative new satellite antenna to enable dual-band capability on the ViaSat network, allowing safe switching from Ka-band to Ku-band from inside the satellite vehicle.

Frontline Communications recently announced its new automatic Ka/Ku-band dual feed satellite antenna system has been approved for use on the ViaSat network. The antenna, designed by AvL Technologies in a collaborative effort with Frontline, has passed initial field testing and is pending final approval from the FCC.

This innovative satellite antenna enables a new dual-band capability on the ViaSat network, allowing the user to safely switch from Ka-band to Ku-band with a single switch function on the antenna controller from inside the vehicle. The push of a button will select either IP delivery using the ViaSat Ka-band service or legacy DVBS delivery via their existing infrastructure.

This is significant for broadcasters that commonly share live content with other stations and networks using Ku-band. Prior Ka/Ku-band antennas required the user to manually switch out the different feeds while on the roof of the vehicle. The antenna system includes a 1.2m reflector and AvL’s AAQ antenna controller which utilizes an automatic slide mechanism to precisely position the feed as needed.

Frontline designed and built the first Ka-band satellite truck for the broadcast industry in 2009.

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