MRMC Showcase Groundbreaking Broadcast And Robotic Camera Technologies At NAB 2024

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), will showcase its latest robotic camera technologies and virtual production workflows at NAB Show 2024.

Motion Control & The Unreal Ride 2024
Located in the Central Hall, the MRMC Unreal Ride 2024 will deliver an immersive experience that integrates cutting-edge virtual production with advanced camera robotics. Featuring MRMC's Bolt X and Cinebot Mini, the exhibit allows participants to star in their own dynamic movie, capturing thrilling scenes with unparalleled precision while the integration of the Cinebot Mini, moving alongside the vehicle for close-up interactions, offers a new dimension to storytelling. In addition, MRMC will offer an exclusive preview of a new robotic solution, which is coming to market later in 2024.

Participants will also have the opportunity to personalise their experience through a selection of different photo-real backgrounds powered by partner Vu’s Vuone technology. This approach not only showcases MRMC's technological integration capabilities but also offers guests a lasting memory of their Unreal Ride, accessible through a video via MRMC's proprietary Showbolt software.

At its Broadcast Booth, MRMC will exhibit several innovative solutions, including:

Slidekamera by MRMC & PTZ Enablement – Revolutionising Broadcast and Videography
The integration of PTZ cameras and sliders is a game-changer for broadcast and videography professionals, empowering content creators to boost their storytelling and visual appeal, offering a unique and professional edge to their productions. As technology continues to advance, embracing innovative tools like PTZ cameras and sliders becomes essential for those seeking to stay at the forefront of the industry and deliver high-quality content to their audiences. The Slidekamera by MRMC product range expands MRMC’s robotics offering and enhances our PTZ enablement solutions with a range of motion robotics that allow more creative shots to be achieved with these simple robotic cameras. The range of Slidekamera & PTZ enablement solutions will include the RLS-1 (Rail Lift System), Atlas Slider with Bullhead Studio and the recently released PTZ Mover Kit.

Advanced Studio Robotics with VR Integration – Redefining Remote Collaboration
MRMC Broadcast will demonstrate its seamless integration of robotics into the virtual production workflow. It will highlight how its robotic solutions merge with virtual graphics systems to provide capabilities including mapping positional data and synchronizing camera angles. The studio-focused robotic technologies will include the Studiobot XL and AJS-2 (Advanced-Jib System).

Also available on MRMC’s Broadcast booth will be its groundbreaking Virtual Teleportation workflow technology, which enables unprecedented camera motion synchronization. The system uses 2 AFC 180+ robotic heads mounted on 2 LLS-1 (Light Lift System) in different locations programmed to move in unison. It enables a smooth transition from single-person to dynamic multi-person shots. This allows studios to effortlessly pan between separate locations, combine remote and local feeds, and create the illusion subjects are sharing the same physical space while compensating for transmission delays.

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