TSL Unveils Advanced IP Audio Monitoring Solution With Redundancy

At IBC 2023, TSL is showcasing its new MPA1-MIX-NET-V-R, a fully redundant 1U audio confidence monitor and mixer with 16 instantly recallable independent mixes that eases the transition to IP. TSL engineered the MPA1-MIX-NET-V-R in accordance with key industry standards, SMPTE ST 2022-7, ensuring fully optimised network topologies that reduce customer risk and network complexity without limiting operational agility.

A leader in audio monitoring, TSL’s latest MPA1-MIX-NET innovation safeguards against disruptions and system failures, empowering broadcasters to deliver top-tier, uninterrupted broadcasting experiences whether it's a high-stakes sporting event, live concert, or once-in-a-lifetime global event.

The New MPA1-MIX-Net-V-R
Designed to ease the transition towards IP media transport, the MPA1-MIX-NET-V-R is ideal for ST 2110 trucks and installations. Two 1G AoIP connections provide 64 channels of input, with a further 64 available via an optional MADI SFP. Support for in-band NMOS is built-in for integration with TSL control and leading third-party systems.

User interfaces are critical in high-pressure production environments, so the MPA1-MIX-NET’s design is informed by users like global production experts NEP. One example is the “V”-shaped layout of the controls for accurate fingertip navigation in low-light environments. Additionally, SNMP integration allows remote configuration changes. 

Key Feature/Benefit Highlights:

  • 64 channels and an optional MADI input provide a further 64 channels, with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls.
  • A simple and intuitive way to monitor multiple audio sources by using it's 8 dedicated rotary controls to quickly configure and create the required monitoring mix
  • Provides full integration with today's Broadcast IP networks allowing operators to easily access any audio sources for monitoring.
  • Comes complete with a comprehensive webpage and SNMP support, allowing remote configuration and control.

TSL Premium Audio Monitoring
TSL’s flagship PAM range continues to evolve, offering market-leading sound quality, reliability and an unmatched range of inputs and outputs that set the bar for performance. The PAM dashboard provides users with helpful system health information such as software/hardware version information, temperatures and fan speeds as well as diagnostic information such as PTP lock status, IP packet counters and multicast addresses and port numbers of the essences currently being subscribed to.

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