Evertz Unveils Exciting New Tools For Live Production Workflows

At IBC 2023, the company will show Vista BRAVO, a Studer Vista mixing console for BRAVO Studio that delivers all the flexibility content creators need to enhance live entertainment, gaming and sport productions.

High quality audio is vital when creating engaging live content for any platform because if the sound is poor, audiences quickly move on.

At IBC 2023 Evertz will be making this point loud and clear by highlighting Studer Audio, which celebrates its 75thanniversary this year. Since acquiring Studer in 2021, Evertz has integrated the brand’s Vista digital mixing consoles into its own Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) platform. These acclaimed consoles now support SMPTE ST 2110, making them an important addition to Evertz’ live production workflows, which are leading the industry’s transition to IP.

The company has also brought all the power of Studer Vista to its DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio virtual production control suite, which allows users to quickly and easily produce high quality live content at a lower cost. The introduction of Vista BRAVO adds an exciting new dimension to the platform by providing virtual access to a full mixing console featuring all the enhanced audio capabilities for which Studer is so famous. With Vista BRAVO, users all the flexibility they need to enhance live music, entertainment, gaming and sports productions, whether working on-premises or through the cloud.

Another innovation to the Studer Vista range is the expanded Vista control using the Evertz VUE Intelligent User Interface. Now offering over 2000 bidirectional controls, the combination of Vista and VUE has created the ideal tool for multiple small production suites and remote productions.

New to the Studer Vista console range is the revolutionary Video PFL (Pre-Fade-Listen) feature that maximises the power of Evertz’ MAGNUM OS orchestration, monitoring and analysis software. With Video PFL, audio operators can select an input to pre-fade while listening to the audio and seeing the accompanying video for that channel on the multiviewer in the audio control room. By allowing the video to follow the audio, Evertz gives engineers a visual representation of the audio on the PFL, thus ensuring that the right source is always selected.

Alongside its Live Media Production solutions for audio, Evertz will also show other developments to BRAVO Studio, which is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ collaborative, software-based live production platform for content creators and broadcasters. These include the new ‘Highlight Factory’, where clips and stories are automatically created using AI technology, and published to Ease Live where users can pick their own highlights. The ‘Highlight Factory’ is an additional co-pilot for BRAVO Studio that uses advanced data-driven features to help automate and simplify production workflows and give small creative teams of all skill levels high-quality and consistency throughout the production. 

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