Panasonic 4K, PTZ And IP-based Solutions Upgrades Sky Racing Queensland

Sky Racing Queensland recently had a requirement to upgrade all of their OB facilities, including outside broadcast, production and speciality cameras, and selected a range of Panasonic professional broadcast cameras, equipment and solutions to best meet their requirements.

Sky Racing took the new camera refresh as a catalyst to transition from copper/triax-based production to IP/fibre-based production. This in turn was part of the company’s wider plan to create a remote centralised production hub in Brisbane which would better enable them to take advantage of the costs, benefits and flexibility of an IP/fibre-based infrastructure.

The company purchased multiple Panasonic AK-UC4000GSJ 4K studio cameras, AJ-CX4000GJ 4K field production camcorders with Videosys wireless backs, AW-UE100KEJ 4K premium PTZ cameras. They also plan to add ST-2110 enabled PTZ cameras in the Hub, enabling a true end-to-end digital workflow.

Panasonic’s PanaPod camera elevation units were also evaluated to potentially be paired with their AW-UE160W/K premium PTZ cameras in the future.

These new AK-UC4000GSJ studio cameras feature a large 4K sensor with high-speed output in HD mode which the company uses to simultaneously output 4K via 12G-SDI and HD knowing that when required the IP/12G/3G Interface Kit AK-NP600G – an optional accessory - can be equipped for ST-2110 support.

The new AK-HRP1010 ROPs are paired with the AK-UC4000GSJ 4K studio cameras and 4K premium PTZ cameras for control and paint. When paired with the AJ-CX4000 4K field production camcorders the AK-HRP1010GJ run remotely via a Videosys/DTC wireless back, so they control and paint the AJ-CX4000 cameras just like they are studio cameras, but with the seamless freedom of being completely wireless.

Sky Racing have also combined the AK-UC4000GSJ 4K studio cameras and AJ-CX4000GJ 4K field production cameras with their AW-UE100 premium PTZ cameras to open up a range of shots that were not possible before.

The broadcaster uses all of their new Panasonic Studio, ENG and PTZ cameras for live racing, live studio production and ENG production shoots including the famous Magic Millions and QLD Winter Carnival Race Days. They also typically race 6-7 days a week across multiple venues throughout all of Queensland.

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