Riedel Expands Its Replay Solutions Range With RiMotion R84

Riedel’s family of software-based products for multicamera production, integrated into its portfolio after the acquisition of Simplylive, consists of the Simplylive Production Suite, the RiMotion and RiCapture replay and ingest solutions, as well as Venue Gateways and Web Multiviewers.

At the 2023 NAB Show, Riedel unveiled the brand-new RiMotion R84, bringing higher resolutions, increased flexibility, and granularity to the RiMotion family. The company also introduced Venue Gateway Advanced, a more powerful version of the Venue Gateway contribution appliance.

The new Riedel RiMotion R84 replay solution is the first RiMotion variant to offer UHD resolutions and 10-bit HDR support. Riedel RiMotion combines extensive slow-motion capabilities, including super-slow-motion (SSM) camera support, with an innovative, user-friendly interface. In addition to the previously available RiMotion R6, R8, and R12, which offer six to 12 HD channels, the new RiMotion R84 boasts up to four UHD and up to eight HD HDR channels and comes in a compact 2-RU chassis with five 2TB SSD RAID storage.

With the ability to network multiple systems and to add secondary operators and RC-10 remote control units, the RiMotion R84 easily scales to any size production, from small to large.

Another NAB 2023 innovation geared toward remote production is Riedel’s new Venue Gateway Advanced. With its bidirectional, eight-channel encode/decode capabilities, this low low-latency, multichannel, and multiformat contribution appliance bridges broadcast production infrastructures with distant venues. It comes with all of the standard version’s powerful features – like a built-in multiviewer – but also introduces two additional 10Gbps RJ45 Ethernet connectors for higher backbone bandwidths, up to 100 hours of SSD RAID storage, and two redundant PSUs in a compact 2-RU frame.

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