Chyron Exhibit Comprehensive News Production Solutions

Chyron’s focus on news at 2023 NAB Show will feature complete graphics solutions with PRIME, CAMIO, and NewsTicker.

Chyron will showcase comprehensive news production solutions at the 2023 NAB Show, exhibiting the brand-new PRIME 4.7 production platform, as well as its broad integration with any major newsroom computer system via Chyron’s CAMIO newsroom graphics management solution. Also on exhibit will be AXIS, an on-demand graphics order management, design, and animation system, and NewsTicker, the company’s data management and integration system.

On-booth demos will feature use cases in news production workflows — one where PRIME can robustly handle data to enable smart, highly automated graphics playout, and another where CAMIO can enable the news rundown to automatically drive not only traditional graphical overlays but also video walls, presenter touchscreens, and even virtual sets and augmented reality elements.

Show attendees will see the full power of the Chyron PRIME live production platform on display. Featured demos will showcase how former users of Lyric, Chyron’s widely used legacy graphics engine, are embracing PRIME. PRIME has been carefully developed to give those users the top-tier design tools they are used to, along with rapid manual playout and flexible, MOS-driven playout via CAMIO. Booth demos will also show the advanced data-handling capabilities of the PRIME platform and how users can leverage its data-driven graphics to bring a more intelligent, dynamic element to news stories.

Chyron will demonstrate how the system’s integration with the PRIME Platform goes beyond traditional graphical overlays to include content generated by PRIME Video Walls and PRIME Virtual Set and Augmented Reality. This capability ensures that the CG output, such as a lower third, is coordinated with the graphics on the studio’s video wall or touchscreen for a cohesive look and feel as a news story unfolds or the focus shifts to sports, traffic, weather, or another topic. CAMIO also can drive visuals for areas of the set that use a green screen to place presenters in different environments — the meteorologist outside in a storm or sports reporters in front of a field.

Augmenting the essential workflow enabled by the PRIME Platform paired with CAMIO is Chyron’s AXIS. AXIS enables the order, management, and creation of illustrative content including annotated maps, charts, stock quotes, and composite images. Assets created in AXIS are seamlessly accessible to fulfill fields within graphics templates created in PRIME and added to the news rundown by journalists via CAMIO’s newsroom computer system plugin. With PRIME, CAMIO, and AXIS fully integrated, visitors at the NAB Show will experience the full effectiveness of the Chyron news solution.

Rounding out Chyron’s news-based presentations is PRIME Branding, which is a module of the PRIME Platform and leverages the same design tools as its CG graphics, along with NewsTicker, an industry favorite for elections, school closings, headlines, stock quotes, and any other type of data for tickers. This coupling emphasizes Chyron’s commitment to bringing users more robust and efficient workflows with interoperable products.

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