Chyron Showcase Enhanced Sports Solutions At NAB 2023

Chyron has announced that its focus on sports solutions at the 2023 NAB Show will illustrate how updates to key graphics systems can ease users’ transition to advanced production tools, as well as agile, cost-effective, cloud-enabled workflows. The PRIME Platform and Chyron LIVE will both be featured in presentations on the Chyron booth.

The Chyron LIVE cloud-native production platform was a 2022 NAB Show Product of the Year Award winner, offering a straightforward, all-in-one user interface for switching up to six video sources, as well as broadcast-grade graphical overlays; creating clips from live video sources; and enhancing coverage with illustrated replay (telestration). The platform returns in 2023 with a brand-new built-in graphics package, a new commentator mode, improved audio, and — making its show debut — the new MatchPad interface designed specifically for soccer.

The addition of AI-driven capabilities such as visual recognition to LIVE enables the platform to identify significant events within a game and automate the capture of highlights. With the platform providing fast, easy access to replays for big moments in the game, it’s easier than ever for a single operator to bring multiple elements — graphics, replays, multiple camera angles — into live productions. While operators still have all the control and functionality they need to create replays themselves, they now also enjoy greater flexibility and efficiency with AI-enabled features. And, though suitable for a single operator, a single LIVE production environment is accessible from anywhere, so operators in a distributed team can work from multiple locations.

The PRIME Platform, featuring powerful data-handling capabilities for live-to-air graphics, video walls, and virtual and augmented reality elements will be on full display. More robust than ever, PRIME’s data capabilities enhance storytelling in live sports production. Chyron will show how creatives can configure graphics so that specific events and changes to data about a player or team can automatically trigger the display of relevant images and information, such as a touchdown instantly driving display of the player’s headshot, key stats, and team logo and colors within the graphic.

Chyron will also offer a booth demo outlining the upgrade path from the company’s Lyric CG to Chyron PRIME. In addition to displaying the PRIME Platform’s robust data processing capabilities, product experts will explain how it enables convenient control over not just CG graphics, but also video walls, touch screens, clip playout, and other elements of production in a comprehensive, unified approach to graphics that allows teams to scale their productions — in terms of scope, functionality, and operator location — with greater flexibility and ease.

Version 4 of PRIME Click Effects, Chyron’s industry-leading venue controller for LED displays such as ribbon boards, center hung displays, and scoreboards, will be on exhibit with a new UI aligned with the modern dark look of all Chyron products, plus an updated and streamlined user experience that ensures fast, clean access to functions via integrated tabs. PRIME Click Effects is now tightly integrated with the PRIME Platform, putting all of the power of PRIME at the fingertips of the venue production teams.

Rounding out Chyron’s sports offerings, Paint (replay and telestration) and VP (Virtual Placement) graphics tools will be on display at the 2023 NAB Show. Though they are not new to the broadcast world, their popularity with sports broadcasters is on the rise today.

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