Autodesk Debuts Flame On The AWS Cloud

Updates to Autodesk’s Flame family of products help artists deliver pixel-perfect content faster, with new cloud workflow capabilities and upgraded HDR and animation features.

Autodesk’s Flame family of products now runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), empowering creative teams to deliver professional-grade content fast and securely, virtually from anywhere. Flame on the cloud debuts in a feature-rich update to Autodesk Flame, Flare, and Flame Assist, along with enhanced HDR and animation workflows to help artists achieve high-end VFX that exceed client and audience expectations.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to support a cloud-based production ecosystem for the media and entertainment industry, our engineering team worked closely with AWS and system integrators to bring artists an alternative to working with Flame via on-premise workstations,” said Steve McNeill, Director of Engineering at Autodesk. “Artists can now tap into Flame on the AWS cloud, helping teams scale up capacity during crunch times without needing to purchase additional hardware. Working on the cloud further supports seamless collaboration with remote artists, as globally dispersed teams are tasked with managing increasingly complex productions.”

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