Game Creek Video Relies On TSL For Remote Audio Stream Support

Game Creek Video, a provider of state-of-the-art mobile production units for large-scale live events, is helping sports production stay in the game with its GCV Anywhere IP remote kits. Developed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, GCV Anywhere is a remote interface for OB trucks that allows production teams to produce and control live broadcasts while off-site, an important safety measure amid the on-going pandemic.

When the company was looking to build its kits, it knew it needed a reliable audio monitor that would allow the team to achieve clear, reliable audio mixes to match the broadcast, and the MPA1-MIX-DANTE from TSL Products was the perfect fit.

The MPA1-MIX-DANTE is designed for use at an outside broadcast or headend where fast audio QC of multiple sources is needed. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls, TSL’s MPA1-MIX-DANTE enables the creation of a custom mix on the fly using the independent source gain encoders, from any combination of the 64 Dante/AES67 and 64 MADI sources available. This audio monitor features a source label and a monitor mix label display, so operators can seamlessly access and monitor the necessary audio sources, as well as accurate peak metering.

“TSL audio monitors are reliable and sound great. TSL offers both analog and digital connectivity options,” says James Piccirillo, Broadcast Network Systems Manager, Game Creek Video. “We love how we can monitor up to 128 audio channels if necessary, and it’s easy to use and interface with. All of the sources can be customized, making it a flexible and intuitive solution for anyone using it.”

GVC Anywhere manages the bandwidth, video encoding and decoding, comms, IP audio and more. Piccirillo said the GCV Anywhere kits were developed to help its customers retain full onsite production resources and control remotely as needed, while also keeping fixed facility and equipment costs low. Having the GCV Anywhere kits also help broadcast teams to reduce on site personnel and travel and reduce venue bandwidth costs, all attractive features during the height of the pandemic. The first GCV Anywhere kit was deployed for a major golf tournament in 2020. Since then, the company has created several more kits, which are used across both major national and regional sports broadcasts, and he believes it is something that will continue well into the future.

“We predict remote broadcast solutions will continue to be utilized for future sports broadcast productions, while home productions remain as full onsite productions,” he says. “There’s also potential for this type of workflow to continue for larger national events. With that type of demand potential, having TSL’s MPA1-MIX-DANTE is critical in order to provide reliable audio monitoring to the remote users. With Dante Domain Manager integration included, we have a really powerful networked solution.”

All of TSL’s MPA1-MIX-DANTE user features are accessible via the web UI with a built-in web server specifically designed to enable remote configuration and monitoring of networked units, making it a versatile solution for any remote set-up. With its easily accessible front panel display, complete with pan/balance information, efficient audio monitoring of up to eight unique audio sources can be achieved seamlessly. Source labels can be automatically read from the Dante network, or manually entered using the web UI. MPA1-MIX-DANTE also offers a high-quality internal full range loudspeaker system; a compact, lightweight (1.5kg) 1RU case that is only 100mm deep; as well as SNMP support that allows for tight integration with control systems and control surfaces.

“We are excited about this next chapter of partnership with Game Creek Video,” says Berny Carpenter, Audio Product Manager for TSL Products. “From its OB trucks and studio production solutions to these new GCV Anywhere Kits, Game Creek is always on the cusp of what’s next in terms of customer need. At TSL, we value this ongoing collaboration with Game Creek Video. We look forward to continuing to support them and their customers into the future.”

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