Dejero Showcase New EnGo 265 With Internet ‘GateWay Mode’ And Latest Cloud Integrations At NAB 2022

​Dejero will be showcasing its new EnGo 265 mobile transmitter at NAB with built-in GateWay mode, as well as integrations with Grabyo and Dazzl cloud video platforms. Enhancing productivity and simplifying cloud-based workflows of remote news teams, live events broadcasters and media production crews will be the theme.

EnGo 265 is a mobile transmitter and internet gateway two-in-one device that delivers unmatched wireless connectivity. Featuring the new GateWay mode for wireless broadband internet connectivity in the field and glass-to-glass latency as low as 0.5 seconds over bonded cellular connections, EnGo 265 enhances the reliability in all latency settings with its improved blending algorithm. The new mobile transmitter also addresses growing concerns in the industry around security and data protection with AES 265 encryption, a security-hardened Linux OS and a cryptoprocessor to authenticate the hardware.

“The lower latency and enhanced security are impressive enough, but what makes the EnGo 265 stand out is GateWay mode,” explains Yvonne Monterroso, director of product management at Dejero. “With GateWay mode, ultra-reliable, high bandwidth internet access is made possible with Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology. It means that news teams only need to carry an EnGo 265 — in a backpack or mounted in a vehicle using a Vehicle Antenna Dock — to go live, quickly send or receive large files, and securely access private newsroom systems and cloud services from any location.”

Providing the reliability and throughput of a wired network while operating in a scenario requiring wireless connectivity, GateWay mode is powered by Dejero’s award-winning Smart Blending Technology, which aggregates all the available networks to maximize reliability, expand coverage, and increase bandwidth, resulting in improved productivity of field crews by allowing them to do more remotely.

The EnGo 265’s ability to reliably transport broadcast-quality live video and provide resilient, high-bandwidth internet access from a single device offers greater convenience to crews and boosts productivity. Field crews can broadcast breaking news, quickly transfer files to prepare and upload packages while in the field, and set up high-bandwidth access points for multiple devices. For film, television and commercial production, teams can leverage a reliable, ultra-fast connection to enable real-time collaboration with dispersed teams and accelerate delivery of content from the set directly to post-production, regardless of location – thus reducing the number of people required on set, and unlocking huge cost-savings.

Integrations with Grabyo and Dazzl cloud video platforms will also be featured on the Dejero booth, showcasing how production teams can deliver live content to multiple broadcast, digital and social platforms simultaneously, from anywhere in the world.

The combination of Dejero’s EnGo 265 and cloud workflow integrations enable production crews to easily access tools for live production, live clipping, rapid editing and video distribution while maintaining a reliable internet connection, even in challenging network conditions.

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