Mo-Sys To Demo Ground-breaking VP Workflow At HPA Tech Retreat

Mo-Sys Engineering will join forces with Moxion, QTAKE and OVIDE to show a ground-breaking collaborative virtual production workflow at the HPA Tech Retreat 2022. Mo-Sys will also take part in the Supersession entitled “Immerse Yourself in Virtual Production”.

Located in the Innovation Zone, Mo-Sys, Moxion and QTAKE will have a combined stand featuring a Sony Crystal LED wall along with a Sony Venice camera attached to a curve rail. The camera will be equipped with a Mo-Sys StarTracker camera tracking system, and Mo-Sys’ VP Pro XR LED content server will drive the LED wall.

Takes will be captured by QTAKE, the industry’s preferred onset capture tool, whilst VP Pro XR will drive the LED wall, capturing the camera and lens tracking data. The new Mo-Sys NearTime service will be used to solve one of the key challenges of LED in-camera VFX (ICVFX) production - increasing real-time Unreal image quality versus maintaining real-time frame rates. Higher quality re-renders from NearTime, which utilizes cloud processing from AWS, will then be automatically delivered back to a Moxion Immediates solution for review and signoff.

Using NearTime in an LED volume, with a Mo-Sys enabled ‘halo green’ frustum for separating talent from the LED content, the background Unreal scenes can be automatically re-rendered with higher quality or resolution using captured camera and lens tracking data, and then used to replace the original lower quality background Unreal scenes. This process avoids the need for large quantities of on-set rendering nodes, minimizes post-production costs, and significantly eliminates moiré effects completely. This unique approach enables far more efficient workflows than those that exist today.

“We believe there is a better way to bring virtual productions to life cost-effectively and without compromising on image quality,” commented Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “We are excited to meet with customers face-to-face once more at the HPA Tech Retreat and to show them workflows that can take their virtual productions to the next level while allowing them to work with other tools that they are already familiar with. We are proud to partner with some of the leading names in the industry to show what is possible with virtual production today.”

The VP Supersession taking place Tuesday, February 22 will walk attendees through virtual production from conception to delivery, with a special emphasis on the planning and preparation that are critical to a successful outcome. Three LED walls will be showcased from AOTO, Planar and Sony, two of which will feature the Mo-Sys StarTracker camera and lens tracking system. One of the LED walls will be driven by Mo-Sys’ VP Pro XR LED content server, which will also be showing its Cinematic XR Focus feature for pulling focus between real and virtual objects positioned virtually ‘behind’ the wall. 

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