Atomos Gear Support For Sony’s FX6

A new feature expands the recording options for Sony’s FX6 full-frame Cinema Line camera making it possible to record Apple ProRes RAW over HDMI to the NINJA V and NINJA V+.

Estelle McGechie, CEO, Atomos, says, “We’re committed to provide filmmakers across the world with innovative solutions. The introduction of ProRes RAW recording over HDMI to the popular FX6 camera from Sony proves our commitment to support our customers, help them progress and exceed expectations in the pursuit of their creative dreams.”

To this point the convention has been for compact cameras to output RAW via SDI only. Atomos says it is leading the market to develop and introduce the ability to record ProRes RAW via HDMI. It creates opportunity for filmmakers to mix and match ProRes RAW recording between different camera setups across Sony’s Cinema Line. The NINJA V and NINJA V+ provides the entry point for Sony’s FX3 and FX6 to use HDMI with resolutions up to 4.2K and up to 60fps. 

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