NewBlue Upgrades Broadcast Graphics And Titling Software

Titler Live 5 graphics and titling software delivers enhanced usability and new features to the live broadcast market in three specialized editions.

The three editions of Titler Live 5 have an improved user interface which “makes it dramatically easier to produce beautiful, informative multi-layer live video graphics and lower thirds, along with a significantly expanded suite of functionality.”

Explains Karen Gauthier, Chief Product Officer, NewBlue, “As live broadcast productions become increasingly more common and sophisticated, ease of use has become a primary concern of customers. With this in mind, we added several UI enhancements making it easy to create broadcast-quality graphics without all the ‘building’ that often bogs down less flexible packages.”

Titler Live 5 can output graphics to virtually any switcher, using industry standard hardware and software integrations. Additionally, Titler Live 5 natively visualizes data from a wide range of sources, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and Slides, and can be customized to input data from any source, per the API. Titler Live 5 also adds support for media clips, live video sources, and multi-data editing.

Titler Live Present is designed for the corporate, house of worship, event production, government and education markets.

Titler Live Sport is aimed at the sporting event market and offers support for sports inputs such as scoreboards, stats, and more.

Titler Live Broadcast is designed for the professional broadcast market and offers support for 16 channels, unlimited layers per live channel, and a host of features suitable for high-end commercial use.

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