Tiffen’s Blender XL LED Shipping

The bi-colour Blender XL puts out a tunable narrow flood beam—up to four times the brightness of a traditional 1x1 panel light.

Tiffen's fixture is described as a soft light with punch, ready to be dialled to an infinite choice of colour temperatures for diverse location uses.

Blender XL’s design features an array of surface-mount LEDs: 12 cool white/daylight and 12 warm white/tungsten, produce—98 CRI/99 TLCI output. Each LED has its own 45-degree angle optical lens for pleasing light direction.

On the back, dual rotary knobs let users control the cool white (6000°K) and warm white (3000°K) channels to blend desired colour temperature and full range dimming. Measured three-feet away at full strength, the Blender XL can output 3796 Lux/656 FC.

For softer lighting with more spread, the fixture comes with a professional drop-in Diffuser. The resulting shadow-free illumination helps light sources and colours blend seamlessly. In addition, a removable Clear LED Guard slides in front of the honeycomb of LEDs to add extra protection through years of rugged production.

It weighs 2-lbs/9kg and measures 5.375H x 4.25W x 3.125D in. (13.65H x 10.8W x 7.9D cm). 

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