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Lowel, a Tiffen brand, is a leader in location lighting, with an extensive line of innovative lights, controls, mounts and kits for imaging professionals. We have lighting equipment in LED, tungsten-halogen, and fluorescent sources, as well as studio systems & packages.

We pioneered the location lighting industry and are famous for our wide range of lighting kits which pack a lot of rugged versatility into as small a package as possible. Many of them have been created especially for the DV run & gun shooter. Some combine lights from different Lowel systems and a number of them feature the compact Rifa soft light with 60 second setup and beautiful output. Many come in our rugged hard cases with movable velcro partitions for custom packing plus recessed wheels & spring loaded handles for easy travel, especially thru airports. They all feature our upgraded & more rugged stands, and most Lowel kits now come with lamps of recommended wattage's.

Our equipment is designed with input from working professionals, to be functional, dependable, and equipped with the accessories most needed for use on location.

From the rugged housing & IP-65 all weather rating of the new Prime Location LED panels, or the bright output, wide focus range and beautiful light quality of the PRO Power LED System, to the compact intuitive lighting of the color changing Lowel Blender LED, we continue to anticipate the location shooters lighting needs, and give them the right tools for the job.

We also offer state of the art studio lighting systems in either LED (Lowel Prime LEDs) or fluorescent (Lowel Fluo-Tec) with powerful output, photo quality color, and beautiful beam quality.

The website, Lowel.com also has an educational resource center (lowel.tiffen.com/edu/) filled with easy to navigate lessons & resources.