Marshall To Launch 12GSDI Camera

Marshall Electronics is launching its CV420-30X 12GSDI camera at NAB 2021 – complete with 12GSDI, HDMI and IP (HEVC/SRT) simultaneous outputs.

The CV420-30X uses a Sony Exmor-R sensor to capture 4K video up to 3840x2160p at 60fps through a 30X optical zoom range.

The lens offers an extended zoom range from 4.6- to 135-mm, starting at just under 70° out to 3° horizontal angle-of-view “for maintaining image crispness from ultra-wide to ultra-long telephoto shots” says Tod Musgrave, Director of Cameras for Marshall Electronics.

“Marshall is getting more and more requests for 12GSDI as 4K becomes more widely adopted. The CV420-30X is suitable for use in networked UHD and HD workflows with one-cable to camera ease of setup while leaving the 12GSDI output available to plug into video switching or uncompressed video capture. This new model represents best-in-class within our 30X zoom block camera range, and we are excited to showcase this at NAB, along with our other new camera and monitor products from Marshall.”

The CV420-30X offers 12GSDI (BNC) output as well as three IP streams with multiple protocol support including HEVC and SRT (4K60). Protocols including DHCP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, IPv4, NTP, RTSP, TCP, MPEG-TS, RTMP and RTMPS are also supported. One ethernet (CAT) cable to camera provides up to UHD video, audio, control and power (PoE+) over one cable with IP (HEVC) and 12GSDI/HDMI simultaneous outputs with stereo audio embedding.

The unit further extends the Marshall IP camera line to offer solutions for every IP network project. Marshall also now offers NETGEAR’s full line of AV Managed Switches with compatible assurance, endorsement, unmatched technical support and ultra-easy setup and management.

The Marshall VS-PTC-IP broadcast-style controller is an easy setup command source for the CV420-30X with one cable IP (Ethernet) plugin, however it can also be controlled via Video Management Software (VMS), OBS Studio Plugins/Docks, Software GUI (web browser), and a variety of other command sources using Marshall Electronics’ open-source command structure. 

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