Chyron Releases Version 4.1 Of Its PRIME Live Platform

Chyron’s PRIME Live Platform offers robust, broadcast-quality production capabilities that are flexible and scalable. The platform is environment-agnostic: deployable on-prem, in the cloud, or as a hybrid integration.

Version 4.1 premieres PRIME Commander, a brand-new automated production control module for the PRIME Live Platform that realizes the vision of accessible production automation. This release also addresses highly sought customer feature requests on the recently released PRIME Switcher module, bringing additional video and audio mixing functionality to this core component of the PRIME Live Platform.

"With PRIME Commander, we're adding production automation to our live production ecosystem," said Chyron CEO Ariel Garcia. "News broadcasters can drive local productions with a smaller footprint than ever before, or remotely access their cloud-hosted PRIME Live Platform via the Commander interface to direct shows from home. PRIME Commander presents an incredible opportunity to untether production from the traditional control room, automate new channels in OTT and streaming markets, and maximize revenue — all without the prohibitive upfront expenditure usually associated with automation.”

PRIME Commander plugs and plays with industry-standard newsroom computer systems (NRCS) — such as ENPS and iNews — to automatically build and update playlists from journalist and producer-built rundowns in real time. When it's time to go to air, PRIME Commander serves as a production automation layer within the PRIME Live Platform that conducts the switcher, graphics, clips, audio mixer, video wall, and branding modules to execute precise, error-free productions. Additionally, PRIME Commander supports device control of other vital third-party components such as routers, VCDP-controlled video servers, and GPI devices.

On the video side, PRIME Switcher now offers a clean-feed output, ideal for sports and news broadcasters wanting to distribute a clean signal for multistation or multilingual productions. Additionally, the production switcher configuration is now simplified, with a Windows-based video input management interface and a dedicated Atlas Configuration screen to manage timing, delay, and synchronization between input and output sources in a streaming-heavy environment. On the audio side, PRIME Switcher's built-in audio mixer now supports mix-minus audio outputs, essential for providing on-air talent and guests with relevant audio feeds or isolating audio for an in-venue mixer for a live event.

Another notable PRIME V4.1 feature addition is the unique Audio Director functionality, which uses audio level detection for intelligent switching and presets, resulting in lightly automated video-follow-audio control of any show. Audio Director is a standout feature for producing visual radio programs with ease.

"User experience is always a priority at Chyron," said Chyron Vice President of Strategy Mathieu Yerle. "We're making it easy for a single operator to produce an audio-driven talk show or automate a 24-hour OTT news wheel from a single platform. Plus, we're adding robust new features to the PRIME Switcher module that increase the scope and precision of what customers can do in their productions, not even two months after the release."

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