Westlake Pro Adds Solid State Logic ORIGIN To Demo Room

U.S. pro audio retailer Westlake Pro has installed a Solid State Logic ORIGIN 32-channel analog in-line mixing console in a dedicated demo room where customers can also evaluate monitor speakers and outboard hardware processors prior to purchase.

“Before we installed ORIGIN in one of our Los Angeles demo rooms, we knew we wanted it to be the centerpiece of that studio to ensure our clients could get the full experience of the console and feel what it would be like to add it to their workflow” says Ethan Goodman, Westlake Pro’s Director of Marketing. “ORIGIN offers some really flexible routing options along with multiple insert points, which makes it easy to integrate external gear and accommodate almost any workflow. We set up a rack with a wide range of premium outboard gear that’s available for testing, and ORIGIN puts all of it at your fingertips. If a client wants to compare different audio processors, it’s as easy as pressing a button.”

Goodman continues, “We also have a great selection of studio monitors that we connected to ORIGIN for speaker demos. ORIGIN’s monitor section is really comprehensive without being complicated, so clients can comfortably switch between different sets of speakers with ease. In short, ORIGIN has become pretty integral to almost every demo in that room!”

Westlake Pro encourages customers to bring their own sessions so that they can reference something familiar while evaluating equipment, but they can also provide multitrack files or access to TIDAL HiFi for lossless audio, he says. “If you want to get a sense of how your session or your favorite songs will sound through ORIGIN, the console’s right there and ready to go. And of course, we’ve got a wide range of microphones on hand if you want to hear the preamps in action!”

Goodman says, “ORIGIN looks great, feels great, and most importantly, sounds great. It’s become a centerpiece for this demo studio at Westlake Pro | Los Angeles, and I’m excited for our clients to try it out for themselves!”

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