Polygon Labs Highlights Creative Hub

The remote, on-demand creative and professional services platform is available on a per-project or subscription basis.

Since its launch in April 2020, many of Polygon Labs’ clients have used Creative Hub to produce their remote virtual studio productions, with no need for physical cameras, tracking devices or green screens. All human interaction happens remotely, bringing the presenters into the set via live video stream. This exact set up was used last month by Verizon Media-owned tech news publisher, Engadget for its CES 2021 virtual presentations.

Polygon Labs worked with Michelle Kratchman, Creative Director/Head of Art and AR/VR Design at Verizon Media to design a virtual studio environment that could be used as a fully remote production set to present products, interview guests and to discuss consumer trends. Verizon Media used its Brainstorm InfinitySet virtual studio solution to produce the show.

David Jorba, Polygon Labs, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer says, “We’re very well-known for our high-quality work with 3D real-time graphics projects. This sophisticated Engadget virtual set for CES, and many other projects like it, show how media companies like Verizon Media can maximize the use of the best graphics technology that the industry has to offer to make storytelling productions engaging, informative and cost-efficient.”

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