Brightline Upgrades LED Lighting

The lighting grid is daylight balanced (5600K) and features a mix of Brightline L1.2 and L1.4 LED SeriesONE studio fixtures, BL.16 long-throw beam compact fixtures, and Lupo DayLED fresnels.

The first customer is WZVN, an ABC affiliate serving Florida’s Ft. Myers-Naples market which used the lights to launch its new on-air look.

Brightline has taken WZVN into the DMX world and also the LED world,” said Bob Hannon, senior production engineer for Waterman Broadcasting about WZVN. “The lighting is very consistent; we’re not dealing with color temperature variations across the set. It’s a really nice setup.”

One of the biggest lighting challenges of the new set was the openness of the space, which was designed to accommodate a variety of programming beyond standard newscasts. “What we tried to do was eliminate all risers, all furniture that give you obstacles. The main anchor desk is moveable,” Hannon explained. “This set is made for you to move around and interact with anything.”

Owned by Montclair Communications, WZVN is operated through a local marketing agreement (LMA) by Waterman Broadcasting’s WBBH, the market’s NBC affiliate. The stations are co-located in the same facility, but have separate studios and control rooms. Combined, the stations produce 19 newscasts per day, including competing morning shows from 4:30 to 7 a.m. The WBBH studio is primarily lit by older Brightline fluorescent fixtures. 

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