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Founded in 1987 as DK-Audio the company adopted its current name to signify that its products deal with more than just sound, encompassing video sync and test signal generators as well as audio metering and monitoring. Over the last ten years the Danish developer and manufacturer has become almost synonymous with loudness, being at the forefront of producing a new generation of meters, monitors and control equipment conforming to the various standards - including ITU 1770 and EBU R128 - that have been developed to maintain consistent levels between different types of programme material.

DK founder and current chief executive Karsten Hansen sees the company's development as a series of phases, beginning with the development of customised matrix products to meet specific monitoring, networking and routing problems in broadcasting. Among early DK installations was an audio monitoring system at BBC Broadcasting House during the early 1990s, which involved tracking 4000 audio sources and channelling them into eight control disks. In 1993 DK began producing a range of stand-alone audio meters featuring DSP and incorporated LCD screens.

DK's second phase began with the launch of the first MSD meter and the formation of an international distribution network. In 1998 DK launched its first 5.1 surround meter, the MSD 600C MkI, featuring the then new JellyFish display technology. The company's audio metering range now features the DK audio and loudness meters - the DK1 stereo unit, DK2 multi-channel device and the DK5 3G/SDI meter - plus the DK T7 stereo audio meter and an application for loudness and true peak logging.