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Media Networking Alliance

Media Networking Alliance is a non-profit corporation formed to actively promote the adoption of the AES67 standard. The purposes for which the corporation is organized are

  • Actively promote the adoption and standardisation of AES67 as an audio interoperability standard through marketing, education and training.
  • Develop future AES67 Proposals and other documents that augment, enhance or extend the primary AES67 specification for the purposes of enabling and promoting increased interoperability and reliability.
  • Provide developer support for AES67 products, and actively support those members producing AES67 compliant products, including, but not limited to: AES67 system development kit and AES67 test tools.
  • Provide a forum and environment whereby the members of the corporation may meet to review standards development and compliance programs and to foster the development of new products based on the AES67 standard.
  • Educate the business and consumer communities of the value, benefits and applications for AES67.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with education institutions and other technology associations and organisations that help promote the use and development of AES67 products.
  • Conduct other activities in furtherance of the goals of the Media Networking Alliance as determined by the Board of Directors.