Still privately owned by the Beyer family, beyderdynamic is a long-established name in both the broadcast and MI (musical instrument) sectors for its microphones, headphones and headsets. It also has a successful line of commercial audio products, including conference, interpreter and voting systems, as well as mics.

Beyerdynamic was founded in 1924 in Berlin by electrical engineer Eugen Beyer, originally to manufacture cinema loudspeakers. In 1937 Beyer produced the DT (dynamic telephone) 48, the first dynamic headphones, which helped establish the company's name and reputation in the audio market and were manufactured almost unchanged until 2013.

Two years later beyerdynamic moved into microphones with the M19 dynamic studio model, which paved the way for a full range of products aimed at both broadcasters and musicians. Key mics specifically for the broadcast and film markets are the M58 ENG/EFP mic, which started the trend for long-handled reporters' microphones; the MC 836 true condenser short and MC 837 long shotguns; the MCE 58 electret condenser ENG/EFP mic; MCE 72 stereo battery powered electret condenser mic; MCE 72 PV CAM stereo phantom powered electret condenser mic; and TG L55c omnidirectional condenser clip on mic. Like other major microphone manufacturers, Beyerdynamic has produced a range of wireless systems, including the Opus 900, 910 and 600 series.

The company's headphones and headsets are used widely in both the home and for professional use, including radio presentation, music recording, DJing, TV commentary and intercom. Monitoring headphones include the DT 779 PRO, DT 1350 coiled cable model, the closed DT 150 for loud environments and the lightweight DT 250. The company caters for the growing trend for commentators to use headphones with built-in microphones - known as headsets. Models include the DT 200, DT 700 and DT 190. Many of these headphones and headsets feature limiters to control the volume level and so prevent hearing damage.

In May 2014 beyerdynamic celebrated its 90th anniversary by releasing a limited edition of the T 90 Tesla headphones. Beyerdynamic employees 300 people and has its main headquarters and manufacturing base in Heilbronn, Germany, with a US subsidiary in Farmingdale, New York.