Limelight Networks, Inc.

Limelight Networks, Inc., a global leader in digital content delivery, empowers customers to better engage with digital audiences by enabling them to manage and deliver digital content to any device, anywhere in world. The Limelight OrchestrateTM (“Orchestrate”) Platform is an integrated suite of content delivery technology solutions, delivered on a private global infrastructure, that help solve the video delivery challenges facing broadcasters.

Fully integrated with Orchestrate Content Delivery (CDN), Orchestrate Cloud Storage is a high performance, secure cloud solution that enables media broadcasters to replicate, move, and store data in the locations that provide optimal content delivery performance. Content is retrieved from inside the Limelight network on every request, which avoids having to hop onto the public Internet. By storing content with the Limelight network, users experience reduced latency and can access content that is housed closer to them, due to Limelight’s 40+ global locations and 10s of thousands of servers. Limelight’s policy and rules engine allows users to automate storage management tasks such as transforming videos into multiple formats or replicating large objects across numerous continents, instantly.

With Orchestrate Video, media broadcaster users have access to an intuitive platform that enables users to upload video, transform, add metadata, create channels, launch a player, integrate ads, and analyze the behavior of viewers. With Limelight’s zero time to publish feature, users can publish breaking news instantly. In addition, Limelight’s solution automatically transcodes and optimizes for global delivery on any device.

The Limelight CDN is not only global but includes over 9TB of egress capacity, ensuring that content is delivered even in the case of unplanned traffic spikes. Limelight’s unified solution enables broadcasters to quickly and securely deliver content everywhere, to everyone, and to all device types while increasing their ability to monetize content.