The process of broadcasting from the decision to launch a new channel to the moment of post tx as-run log reconciliation is central to the development of IBIS.

Founded and operated by people with real industry knowledge, the company has grown consistently since its foundation to provide Integrated Broadcast Information Systems. There is a real effort to maintain the skill-set and grow the company through employing staff with real broadcast backgrounds. Amongst the team we have real experience of the launch of hundreds of channels – from Channel 4, BSB, BBC World, More4 in the UK, to channels in Canada, Australia – our staff have been there. We can bring to projects our collected experience as programme editors; news presenter; tx engineers; maintenance engineers; in-house application developers and more.

We view our clients very much as partners in the continually developing digital media community. The IBIS collective experience of real work in broadcasting, combined with almost twenty years of delivering projects for broadcasters and content owners is hard to beat.

Throughout our development as a provider of clever, uncomplicated Media Asset Management solutions, the IBIS practice of providing proven systems based on the cornerstones of innovation, reliability and understanding has evolved.