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Brother, Brother & Sons

Brother, Brother & Sons (BB&S) is a leading manufacturer and product development company in the entertainment lighting industry.

What we do
Brother, Brother and Sons specify, develop, produce and sell high-end LED lighting for video, theatre and movie productions. We harness technical and design skills to deliver innovative, high quality and cost-effective products.

We cooperate with an extensive international network of partners and distributors both inside and outside the lighting industry.

Who we are
The BB&S founders and staff are recognized leaders and developers in design and implementation of innovative products in the stage lighting industry.

As power users with a long-standing hands-on experience in lighting design BBS never stop searching for faster, better and cleaner technologies to offer our quality-conscious customers. 

We believe that creativity and technology should complement each other to higher levels. Our primary task is to deliver innovative, high quality and cost-effective products. Made by lighting people for lighting people.