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Siemens Convergence Creators GmbH

Siemens Over-The-Top SWIPE (OTT SWIPE™) helps your viewers receive your content on smart devices easily. As an end-to-end solution, Siemens OTT SWIPE™ is a one stop software as a service that smoothly integrates into your current broadcast workflow to manage the ingest, encoding, digital rights management, media contract management, recommendation engine and play out to mobile devices, smart TV’s, game stations and HDMI dongles. In addition, the Siemens OTT SWIPE™ give you the ability to receive real-time viewership reports. SWIPE™ Business Management System (BMS) allows to ingest content and links it to the related meta-data. Define tailored products that may include a mixture of live TV channels and VoD movie assets for different subscription levels and geographical regions. As BMS integrates with DRM systems, encoders, origin and streaming servers of major vendors, it can be fully embedded into existing IPTV infrastructures. Contact: Steve Wong, 310-590-6330.