Hitachi Kokusai Electric

Hitachi Kokusai Electric was formed in October 2000 from the merger of three Hitachi Group companies engaged in businesses related to video, wireless communications, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

The company provides wide-ranging communication systems that integrate our technologies of video and wireless network communication systems, including administrative disaster prevention radio systems, various types of industrial-use radio communication systems, high-speed point-to-point wireless bridge, mobile phone base station equipment, and wireless packet communication devices.

In the area of Information solutions, our multimedia information display systems that correctly and quickly communicate stock prices and other information, and our application packages for financial companies that multilaterally analyze sales and customer information are contributing to society.

In broadcasting scenes, total support is being provided through studio cameras, transponders, transmitters, tapeless systems, and transmission/reception antennas. Hitachi Kokusai also provide systems for monitoring roads, tunnels, rivers, railroads, and bridges, leveraging our broadcasting camera technology. Our video cameras for industries are also contributing significantly to factory automation, the medical field, and such areas as bioindustry.