Masstech media management solutions save content, share it among all production systems anywhere, and enable you to continually transform your content for distribution.

For more than a decade, Masstech has developed and refined the fundamental technologies that make file-based workflows possible: streamlined media asset management (MAM), high-speed and high-quality video transcoding, and intelligent interfaces with the tools and systems the media industry relies upon for production and distribution.

Today we provide major broadcasters, international television networks, news channels, cable operators, production houses, corporate video production departments and innovative media companies with complete solutions that bridge their workflows from start (production) to finish (transmission and archiving).

Masstech solutions address the entire lifecycle of content resources. Masstech workflows power archiving and production for some of the largest media companies and entertainment brands in the world, including Scripps Networks, HBO Latin America, Showtime, and Entertainment Tonight.

The Masstech advantages include:

Cost: We never charge you capacity charges so you have better control over your support costs in the long run.

Interoperability: All your important editing systems are integrated as one.

: We develop and own the transcoding technology to provide fast and high-quality transformations.

: We allow you to create the best workflow tailored to your needs.

: Browse your archive easily and prep archived content directly from archive without tying up a server port or editing seat.

: Dual redundant databases and application servers to protect your assets. Plus, we have experienced engineers on standby for 24/7 support.