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The FIFA World Cup has given many CDNs and streaming services a serious examination early in the big matches.

Edgeware Reports Peak CDN Traffic Doubling During FIFA World Cup Matches July 16th 2018 - 01:50 PM

Most CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and the video streaming services they support have coped well with the peak time loads of the current FIFA World Cup, beyond a few well publicized glitches.

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With New Financial Backing (And A Fresh Start), Ericsson’s Media Solutions Becomes MediaKind July 13th 2018 - 01:00 PM

In the midst of a rapidly changing content delivery environment, and refreshed with new private equity money, Ericsson is rethinking (and rebranding) its Media Solutions business to focus on supporting and delivering immersive media experiences for everyone, everywhere. Heretofore its customers have included over 900 cable, satellite, telecom service providers and broadcasters around the world.

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The Streaming Video Alliance (SVA) was boosted in May 2018 by Google joining.

Streaming Video Alliance Calls on OTT Service Providers to Rally Behind Common Standards July 13th 2018 - 12:05 PM

The Streaming Video Alliance (SVA) has been urging online service providers and vendors of technology for delivery of video over the Internet to rally behind common standards.

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Delivering High-Quality, Low-Latency Video on Every Screen With Multicast ABR Technology July 9th 2018 - 01:00 PM

New devices, including tablets and smartphones, enable television viewers to enjoy live sports and news anytime, anywhere, but latency remains a real issue, causing frustration amongst end-users. In today’s connected world, where viewers are simultaneously checking social media feeds on their smartphones and tablets, a significant delay means that end-users might find out about a game-winning soccer goal from Twitter before actually seeing it. With traditional unicast streaming, buffering several big chunks is necessary for avoiding service interruption with bursty and irregular http traffic. This article will explore the sources of latency in the video delivery chain and explain how multicast technology and managed network capabilities can ensure smooth traffic without requiring massive buffering on the player side to guarantee a good quality of experience (QoE). Using multicast technology and other recent technology innovations, service providers can stream live on connected devices, with ultra-low latency.

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Ooyala argues live OTT is now a critical differentiator for pay TV operators.

Ooyala Beefs Up Live Streaming And Multiscreen Linear TV July 4th 2018 - 01:50 PM

OTT platform vendor Ooyala has strengthened its package for delivering live streams and linear channels to connected devices. Called OoyalaLIVE, this package enables creation, management, delivery and monetization of live streamed events as well as linear TV channels on OTT services.

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Microsemi’s TimeProvider 4100 helped Denmark’s Stofa launch trial of Remote PHY in Europe.

Stofa Completes European Trial of Remote PHY With Timing From Microsemi June 27th 2018 - 10:00 AM

Stofa, a Denmark cable operator and broadband service provider, has completed a trial of Remote PHY (R-PHY) based on the DOCSIS 3.1 standard using Converged Cable Access Platforms (CCAP) and optical nodes from Arris.

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