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Monetizing streaming services is simple with new SaaS application dedicated to targeted ad delivery.

Broadpeak Announces New Dynamic Ad Insertion As A Service On September 26th 2022 - 10:30 AM

Broadpeak has announced a new Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) application on its award-winning software as a service (SaaS) platform. Broadpeak’s fully managed, API-based SaaS dramatically simplifies the delivery of targeted advertising in live and VOD streaming content, increasing monetization for video service providers.

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Designing Media Supply Chains: Part 3 - Content Packaging, Dynamic Ad Insertion And Personalization September 26th 2022 - 09:30 AM

The venerable field of audio/visual (AV) packaging is undergoing a renaissance in the streaming age, driven by convergence between broadcast and broadband, demand for greater flexibility, and delivery in multiple versions over wider geographical areas requiring different languages and varying rights.

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The Importance Of CDN Selection To Achieve Broadcast-Grade Streaming Experiences - Part 1 September 23rd 2022 - 09:00 AM

Multi-CDN is a standard model for today’s D2C Streamers, which automatically requires a CDN selection solution. As streaming aims to be broadcast-grade and cost-effective, how are CDN Selection solutions evolving to support these objectives?

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Varnish Software Unifies Satellite And Land-based 5G With Caching & Content Delivery Solutions September 21st 2022 - 09:30 AM

Collaborating with the EBU’s 5G-EMERGE Consortium, Varnish will control and enhance experiences by bringing edge computing as close as possible to total audiences in all locales.

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A Holistic Approach To OTT-Based Monitoring September 20th 2022 - 09:00 AM

OTT-based content delivery is quickly maturing as a standard for content delivery across all content types and platforms. In this article we look at what it means to monitor a supply chain when using OTT delivery as a backbone for broadcast content.

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Media Supply Chain At IBC 2022 - Rising Advertising VoD And Virtualized Cloud Production Key Themes September 1st 2022 - 09:30 AM

Streaming dominates media supply chains far more than it did even at the time of the last IBC with a physical presence in 2019.

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Three Media Demonstrates The Pathway To New Operating Models At IBC 2022 August 19th 2022 - 12:15 PM

As a specialist media company in workflow and technology management, Three Media is exhibiting for the first time at IBC 2022.

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Broadpeak Share Their Vision For The Future Of Video Delivery And Streaming Experiences August 12th 2022 - 09:30 AM

At IBC 2022, Broadpeak will highlight how pay-TV operators, content providers, and OTT players can provide a compelling video streaming experience to subscribers with the company’s software deployed on-premises, offered as a service, or a hybrid of both.

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