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Teradek Cubes Used for Holographic Display at Nashville’s Contemporary Music Center November 19th 2014 - 04:17 PM

A live holographic video image of a performing musician has been projected into a series of staged concerts produced by students at Nashville’s Contemporary Music Center. It is thought to be the first interactive use of a live performing artist’s hologram in a series of public performances.

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Broadcasters, Telcos Clash Over Spectrum November 10th 2014 - 11:50 AM

Broadcasting and telecoms have had a long relationship, one that in recent years has become closer and more symbiotic. But there is one area where the two clash head on: radio spectrum. This is a vital resource for not just television and radio transmission but also the production of entertainment

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Maverick new wireless camera-to-cloud workflow November 5th 2014 - 04:02 PM

​Wireless streaming is not just for ENG. Producers of high-shoot ratio and unscripted reality shows and ob-docs are also experimenting. Indie production company Maverick TV, part of All3Media (owned by Discovery and Liberty Global) has done just this for 4x 60 minute ob-doc Born Naughty? commissioned by UK broadcaster Channel 4 a

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How Satellites Will Fuel the Next Wave of Journalism October 22nd 2014 - 04:56 PM

In recent years, major events such as the Arab Spring and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake have brought the role of citizen journalists into global prominence. As mainstream news outlets adapt to this emerging trend, professional journalists and average citizens alike can explore the use of satellite technology as a key

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